Equip your employees with the confidence and practical knowledge they need with e-learning courses designed to fit training around a busy work schedule.

Our expanding portfolio of e-learning programmes boasts fully-accessible, interactive modules broken down into bite sized lessons, with quick knowledge checks at the end of each section so that users can track their progress and consolidate their knowledge. The modules are accessed through a user-friendly portal which can be white-labelled to suit your requirements.

Documented evidence of training is captured so managers can track results and online attendance, making our e-learning courses a convenient way to ensure standards are being met and helping organisations to fulfil their duty of care obligations.

Travel Safety

The risk landscape faced by mobile workforces is ever changing. Unfamiliar environments, differing employee profiles and the physical effects of travel can place your staff at a greater risk than they might face in their home country.

You have a responsibility to ensure that they are prepared and educated about the risks they may face while carrying out business travel. We can help by providing your mobile workforce with access to travel security e-learning as part of a certification process, ensuring they are appropriately informed of the risks they may face when travelling abroad and capturing documented evidence of training.

Travellers can access relevant safety information and risk mitigation advice, with each topic followed by an interactive quick knowledge check to recap the content covered and allow them to track their progress.

After taking a module, they will be able to confidently understand a unique risk environment and demonstrate an awareness of measures that they can take to help keep themselves safe.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is one of the most severe diseases prevalent today, and is a real risk to your business travellers in over 90 countries around the world. But, it is both treatable and preventable.

This module has been written around the principles of malaria awareness and essential prevention measures for travellers to countries where the disease is endemic. It covers:

  • Introduction to malaria – a disease overview including geographical “transmission” zones, how malaria is transmitted, recognising the signs and symptoms, how diagnosis is confirmed and treatment methods available.
  • Bite prevention methods – understanding the risk posed by mosquito bites, areas and times when you are most at risk of being bitten, effective precautions to prevent mosquito bites both indoors and outdoors, as well as appropriate insecticide usage.

Travel Security

An award winning e-learning course consisting of seven security training modules on the following topics:

  • Personal security protocols
  • Street crime and robbery
  • Carjacking and kidnapping
  • Terrorism and civil unrest
  • Getting around your destination
  • Travel health risks
  • Preparation and arrival

Each training module concludes with a multiple choice test and certification is issued once all seven modules have been satisfactorily completed.

LGBT Travel Safety

Helping organisations better meet their duty of care obligations for their diverse workforce, our LGBT Travel Safety e-learning course is designed to highlight some of the most important considerations and risk mitigation measures for LGBT travellers.

This comprehensive module includes information and advice on:

  • Pre-trip considerations
  • Understanding the legal and societal risks
  • Security and health
  • Travelling with a same-sex partner
  • Long-term deployments
  • Being sociable
  • Travel tips for transgender travellers
  • Accessing post-incident support
  • Ten top tips.

COVID-19 – Safety in the Workplace and Working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to working practices. The following courses address issues of safety and wellbeing for workers, both in the workplace and for those working remotely from home.

COVID-19 – A Guide to Workplace Protection

COVID-19 workplace e-learning

The shift to returning to the workplace is a momentous one and the biggest hurdle that employers need to overcome is how to instil confidence in their employees and protect their wellbeing.

This course is designed to help employees protect themselves and their colleagues from contracting COVID-19 in the workplace and includes information and advice on the following topics:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Symptoms and risks
  • How is COVID-19 spread?
  • Who is at risk?
  • COVID-19 in the workplace
  • COVID-19 related anxiety
  • Summary and references

Managing Cyber Security for Remote Workers

Cyber security e-learning

While remote working is not a new concept, it is increasingly becoming the norm. Such a shift exposes vulnerabilities and can create challenges for organisations, particularly in relation to cyber security and data protection.

With cyber-criminals quick to take advantage of any lapses in security, this module helps your staff to identify cyber risks in order to prevent malicious attacks, invasions of privacy and fraud. Topics include:

  • Why is cyber security important?
  • Who poses an online threat?
  • The main cyber risks associated with remote working
  • Tips to practice good cyber security
  • What is ‘phishing’?
  • How to identify a phishing attempt


To find out more about Healix e-learning modules, or if you would like further information on how we can help you with your Travel Risk Management programme, please email us at enquiries@healix.com.