Equip your employees with the practical knowledge they need to understand and mitigate common work and travel related risks with e-learning courses designed by experts.

Healix e-learning courses are designed to help your people understand and mitigate the common risks they may face while at work or travelling on business.

Our expanding course portfolio covers a variety of topics, and boasts fully-accessible, interactive modules broken down into bite-sized lessons, with quick knowledge checks at the end of each section to optimise knowledge retention and help track progress.

Why choose Healix e-learning?

Foster a culture of safety

Promote employee development

Achieve compliance

Fulfil duty of care objectives

E-learning programme design

We understand that the time taken to react in the event of an incident can be detrimental to the impact it has on your business. Bespoke course material draws on the extensive crisis management and risk mitigation experience of our in-house medical and security experts, and aims to equip your employees with the awareness and practical knowledge they need to act decisively and appropriately to common scenarios.

All courses are designed with ease of comprehension, knowledge retention and user engagement in mind, with key messages delivered in plain English and in a dynamic format suitable for all learning styles. Bite-sized modules allow learners to fit training around a busy work schedule, and are delivered through a variety of easy-to-follow scenarios and interactive activities.

Content is hosted on a user-friendly web-portal, which can be white labelled, and can be accessible from both desktop and mobile. This means courses can be rolled out quickly and at scale, and completed on-the-go. Documented evidence of training is captured so managers can track results and completion rates, making our e-learning courses a convenient way to ensure standards are being met, and help organisations to fulfil their duty of care objectives.


To find out more about Healix e-learning modules, or if you would like further information on how we can help you with your Travel Risk Management programme, please email us at enquiries@healix.com.