Safety in the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to working practices. The following courses address issues of safety and wellbeing for workers, both in the workplace and for those working remotely from home.

COVID-19 – A Guide to Workplace Protection

The shift to returning to the workplace is a momentous one and the biggest hurdle that employers need to overcome is how to instil confidence in their employees and protect their wellbeing.

This course is designed to help employees protect themselves and their colleagues from contracting COVID-19 in the workplace and includes information and advice on the following topics:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Symptoms and risks
  • How is COVID-19 spread?
  • Who is at risk?
  • COVID-19 in the workplace
  • COVID-19 related anxiety
  • Summary and references

Managing Cyber Security for Remote Workers

While remote working is not a new concept, it is increasingly becoming the norm. Such a shift exposes vulnerabilities and can create challenges for organisations, particularly in relation to cyber security and data protection.

With cyber-criminals quick to take advantage of any lapses in security, this module helps your staff to identify cyber risks in order to prevent malicious attacks, invasions of privacy and fraud. Topics include:

  • Why is cyber security important?
  • Who poses an online threat?
  • The main cyber risks associated with remote working
  • Tips to practice good cyber security
  • What is ‘phishing’?
  • How to identify a phishing attempt


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