Global Medical Arrangement Case Studies

If an employee cannot be fully cleared, they may still be able to work in some capacity where accommodations can be made by their employer. Healix will support both parties to enable the individual to return to work.

Maintenance Supervisor (44), being deployed to Arctic rig – current employee, new assignment

Arctic Rig Case Study 2

Our client’s employee underwent a pre-deployment medical. They were found to have undiagnosed diabetes. Healix advised the employee of further appropriate investigations, so that he could self-arrange with a suitable specialist prior to deployment. In light of the proposed working environment and associated risks, Healix obtained consent to advise his employer of our doctor’s recommendations for on-going support and management at post. This enabled the individual to be deployed.

International Tax Manager (36), working in Ghana - current employee, biennial medical

Doctor Businessman

During a pre-deployment medical a client’s employee was found to have pain and swelling in their knee. This was investigated at the appointment. Healix’s doctor reviewed the examining physician’s notes and supporting test results, and deemed the employee ‘Fit with Restrictions’. He also provided advice on further investigations that the employee could self-arrange via their usual doctor. The employee was temporarily restricted from certain duties and working environments which could exacerbate his condition. Once he had undergone appropriate treatment and submitted the medical results to Healix for our doctor to review, the employee was deemed fully fit and the previous restrictions were lifted.

If an employee has been deemed ‘unfit’, they present a high risk of a failed/aborted assignment, and potentially high associated costs to their employer for a medical evacuation or repatriation.

Rig Manager (58), being deployed to Kazakhstan – new hire, pre-employment medical


The examining doctor considered the individual ‘Fit for Work’ during his pre-deployment medical assessment. Healix’s doctor reviewed the medical notes and discovered abnormal cardiac and liver function results, to the extent that they could present a high risk of a failed/aborted assignment. As a result, the client decided not to deploy this individual based on our expert recommendation.