Global Travel Risk Management solutions to help fulfil your duty of care as well as support global mobility and operational resilience

What is global travel risk management?

Global travel risk management isn’t just about planning for extreme events. It is also about planning for the more common risks that can disrupt overseas assignments.

Risks can range from stolen personal documents and falling ill overseas through to being caught-up in a violent protest or terror attack, or being involved in a serious, life-threatening accident.

True global travel risk management is a comprehensive approach to protecting your people from both the everyday and extreme risks. It ensures that your employees can travel in safety and with confidence, knowing you have taken the necessary steps to protect them.

Why is global travel risk management important for your organisation?

Despite the growth in online meetings as a result of Covid-19, the need for business travel remains and will continue to grow as the pandemic subsides. Today’s interconnected world and global economy means that increasing numbers of employees will be required to travel extensively overseas once again, often for long periods of time, to multiple destinations and frequently to unfamiliar environments.

As a result, an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ towards their personnel has become much more complicated and increasingly relevant. This is especially true for employees working in remote or dangerous locations, or in areas where local security and medical facilities are likely to be substandard, ineffective or completely lacking.

Ensuring the health, safety and security of employees when working overseas is not only key to staff well-being and productivity. It is also essential for operational resilience and ongoing success.

Building a robust global travel risk management programme

At Healix, we offer a suite of travel risk management products and services to provide you and your employees with a robust support system to attend to the myriad of issues facing today’s global workforce.

Medical Services

Healix delivers medical assistance during pandemic

At Healix, we deliver exceptional international medical assistance. In addition, we can offer industry-specific services designed to identify and mitigate health risks faced by your mobile workforce.

Security Services

Security services as part of your global travel risk management programme

A comprehensive security risk assessment, mitigation and assistance platform tailored to your needs. Empowering you to operate around the world while helping to keep your employees safe and assets secure.


E learning as part of your global travel risk management programme

Equip your employees with the practical knowledge they need with courses designed to fit training around a busy work schedule.  You can conveniently ensure standards are being met and fulfil your duty of care.

While we offer the flexibility to mix and match any of our services to suit your requirements, we can also deliver a complete, integrated travel risk management programme. This comprehensive and consistent approach helps our clients to ensure the safety of their global workforces at every stage of their assignments. From pre-travel through to return home.

Why Healix?

Healix International are global leaders in travel risk management and international assistance services. Working on behalf of multinational corporations, governments, NGOs and insurers, we look after the welfare of expatriates, business travellers and local nationals living and working in every country of the world, 24 hours a day.

We are unique in our ability to offer you a truly integrated medical and security risk management and assistance operation. With our medical and security teams working alongside each other, our clients benefit from all the efficiencies that such close co-operation entails.


To find out more about how we can help you with your duty of care obligations and wider risk management programme, please email us at Similarly, you can download a brochure below.