2nd Opinion / Chief Medical Officer

Healix is ideally placed to provide independent and robust specialist Second Opinions to insurers and individuals in the following circumstances:

Chief Medical Officer review service for insurers

Insurers managing claims related to health, whether on personal injury, ASU, critical illness, PMI, disability or other policies, frequently find that the facts of the case are disputed or open to interpretation. Healix offers a Chief Medical Officer review service which allows insurers to have such claims reviewed in an entirely independent fashion, taking account of the medical evidence and the policy terms and conditions. This can greatly strengthen an insurer’s position, especially where a case is expected to proceed to litigation or Ombudsman review. Where necessary we can also bring in external independent specialists to provide opinions.

2nd Medical Opinion Service for individuals

Individuals faced with a new diagnosis may want confirmation that the diagnosis and prognosis are correct, and to know whether anything further can be done to help them. Healix can provide the reassurance of an independent review of their case by a senior Healix physician and can also arrange for a second opinion from an appropriate external specialist.


For more information, contact: enquiries@healix.com.