COVID Support Services

With employers under increasing pressure to ensure they provide their employees with accurate advice and support during this evolving coronavirus pandemic, Healix are pleased to be able to offer two new services designed to provide HR teams and employees with expert Covid-19 support throughout this difficult time.

COVID Medical Advice Helpline

With direct access to our UK team of medical experts, your HR team and employees can call our dedicated helpline to receive the following Covid-19 support and advice:

  • For employees experiencing symptoms, we can offer a remote health screening service, advising them if they should be self-isolating to limit the potential spread of infection and directing them down an appropriate care pathway where required
  • Further advice for self-isolation in cases where employees could be considered “high-risk”, if family members or dependants are considered “high-risk”, or if a member of the household is displaying symptoms
  • Detailed guidance on self-isolation best practice, advising on all of the do’s and don’ts to ensure the safety of the employee and those around them
  • For key workers who have been self-isolating, we can provide return to work advice for when it is safe to do so
  • Providing additional general Covid-19 support, answering related questions, providing up-to-date recommendations and reassurance
  • HR advice and support.

Chief Medical Officer Service

We can also provide you with access to our dedicated team of Healix doctors, offering a Chief Medical Officer service for your organisation. Our doctors can provide you with:

  • Help to review your Covid-19 protocols and advice on company best practice
  • Factual and relevant information about specific locations and the implications of Covid-19 on your workforce
  • Input into crisis conference calls and support to your business continuity teams.

Find out more about COVID Support Services

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