COVID Work Safe

COVID Work Safe provides robust online medical risk assessment of employees’ vulnerability to COVID-19. This enables appropriate steps to be taken to ensure their safety on return to the workplace.

As organisations adjust to the new COVID-19 operating environment and you look to welcome more of your employees back to the workplace, it is essential to conduct thorough risk assessments. Not only to fulfil your duty of care, but also to reassure staff who may be nervous of returning. This might be after being furloughed or working from home for several months.

In addition to assessing the workplace, it is vital to identify individual employees who may be at increased risk. Employees with certain underlying health conditions are particularly vulnerable to this pandemic and require extra support. Recognising those at risk helps to allow for additional mitigation measures to be taken where necessary.

Confidentiality concerns surrounding personal medical information make such risk assessments a challenging task for employers. Especially when needing to evaluate risks quickly and at scale.

Demonstrating duty of care and robust medical risk assessment

To assist employers in this task, Healix has developed COVID Work Safe. Our unique online solution conveniently analyses the relevant medical history of each employee. Subsequently, the tool produces a consistent and robust assessment of their vulnerability to Covid-19.


Employees complete a confidential, user-friendly medical questionnaire. As a result, on completion, they will receive an instantly available assessment which they can download, along with advice and guidance on steps they can take to mitigate any risks on returning to the workplace.

A dedicated portal provides you, the employer, with access to a report detailing assessment outcomes for all employees based on a traffic light system. In addition, the portal provides a helpful set of guidelines to support the return to workplace process.

Traffic light assessment outcomes of COVID Work Safe

A GREEN result shows the employee is considered low risk of developing serious illness if affected by COVID-19. Consequently, they are fit to return to the workplace.

AMBER indicates that the employee is at a moderately increased risk of becoming hospitalised if infected with COVID-19. They are fit to return to the workplace providing the risk is no greater than the risk of shopping in the local supermarket or pharmacy.

Some staff in this category and in essential roles may wish to return to work without restrictions. This can be supported if a thorough risk assessment has been completed to minimise the risk of exposure as far as possible. In addition, the individual has to be comfortable with the plan and accepts any associated risk. In the meantime, it is advised that such individuals should work from home if possible.

A RED outcome denotes that there is a high risk of hospitalisation and severe disease if COVID-19 infection occurs. Returning to the workplace is not advised for individuals in this category. That is unless the organisation has conducted a thorough risk assessment and has implemented all possible measures to ensure that it is COVID-19 safe. This must be in agreement with Occupational Health / appointed medical advisors and HR.

Complete confidentiality of medical information

Employees can be reassured of the confidentiality of their answers and be advised that the tool will produce an objective assessment of their vulnerability to COVID-19, enabling appropriate action to be taken to ensure their safety in regard to returning to the workplace. At no time will you, the employer, have access to the answers provided in the questionnaire.  As a result, complete confidentiality of medical records is ensured.

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