COVID Travel Safe

A convenient risk assessment tool enabling instant evaluation of medical and logistical risks for individual employee travel plans

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on international operations. As the situation evolves and the world begins to re-open, many organisations need business travel to resume, however questions remain about how to keep employees safe while simultaneously resuming global operations and maintaining profitability.

Organisations across every industry are faced with the challenge of demonstrating their duty of care obligations to their employees in an incredibly complex operating environment, particularly when it comes to weighing the risks of resuming international business travel.

Covid-19 has turned travel risk on its head

For the first time in a generation, risks are high in parts of the world that have historically been considered the safest, and these countries account for over 90% of global business travel.

Logistical and operational restrictions across the world are changing by the day. Information related to Covid-19 and necessary measures to reduce transmission remain vast, ambiguous, highly complex and often incomplete with even the most well-resourced organisations struggling to stay on top of it all.

To enable organisations to rise to this challenge, Healix International has developed an innovative online travel risk assessment tool, designed to enable travel within a pandemic and provide an instant review of the medical and current logistical risks posed by your traveller’s unique itinerary.

COVID Travel Safe provides:

  • Hassle-free risk assessment of itinerary and traveller profile
  • Instant assessment on whether to carry out the proposed travel or not
  • A detailed report outlining current logistical and medical risk factors
  • An option to follow-up with a Healix expert for a bespoke 1-2-1 consultation
  • Integration and customisation opportunities
  • Convenient access via app or browser.

Comprehensive online risk assessment

COVID Travel Safe has been developed by our industry leading medical and risk management experts. The platform experience begins with the user answering a number of questions about their intended trip alongside a Covid-19 specific medical questionnaire. Our unique methodology measures a range of sub-risk factors including pandemic trend and Covid testing access, alongside practical concerns such as travel bans and curfews. Based on the traveller’s unique profile and itinerary, the tool calculates a “Risk Score” for each individual and delivers an instant, downloadable assessment of what risks, if any, the traveller may face. Advice regarding any precautions necessary to mitigate these risks will be included should a traveller proceed with their intended trip.

This risk assessment is provided in the form of a “traffic light” system of Red, Amber and Green. A “Red” assessment indicates that there are noteworthy risk factors and the individual should reconsider their need to travel. “Green” indicates that the tool has not identified any major concerns with the intended trip. In the case of an “Amber” result, specific concerns are identified allowing the traveller to consider what precautions are necessary before deciding whether to proceed.

COVID Travel Safe Mock Up Web

Behind the scenes, our team of medical and risk professionals are closely monitoring the science, government restrictions and logistical risk environments around the world from multiple sources. This ensures that the information driving COVID Travel Safe is always up-to-date and representative of the pandemic’s evolution, consolidated in a way which keeps things simple for our clients.

Additional expert support

For travellers who require additional reassurance or review, there is the option for our in-house medical and logistical risk teams to carry out an enhanced assessment. Our experts will review the information provided, consult with the traveller and provide customised advice on the associated risks, enabling the traveller to make a more informed decision about the medical risks and the potential logistical complications. If required, our teams can also work with your employees to arrange pre-deployment Covid-19 tests and navigate unique logistical complexities. This layered approach provides the convenience of an easy-to-use online tool, seamlessly integrated with a tailored expert service.

Integration and customisation

The COVID Travel Safe tool is highly customisable and able to sit on your organisation’s systems, conveniently integrating the risk assessment and trip approval workflow. Risk managers are given access to a separate login that allows them to track requests and manage traveller support services where required. We are also able to integrate travel policy rules, manager approvals, security information and ground support request forms to ensure that travellers can transition through the risk assessment and approval process in one efficient visit.

Find out more about COVID Travel Safe

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