Global Medical Arrangements

Pre-employment / pre-deployment medical examinations and vaccinations

Employees working in challenging or extreme conditions such as remote or offshore locations, extreme temperatures or heights, or those employed in physically or mentally strenuous work, often require a pre-deployment medical to ensure they are fit for the role.

Without a system to provide insight into the potential risks involved, employers are exposed to medical incidents that can result in operational disruption, evacuations, costly hospital bills and failed assignments. Many of the health-related problems experienced by global workforces are predictable and, with effective medical screening, preventable.

Independent medicals with a fast turn around

Our extensive global network of clinics means that medical examinations and vaccinations can be arranged at locations convenient to your global workforce and our proactive approach to case management means that the whole process can be completed without unnecessary delay.

We offer your employees a face-to-face pre-deployment medical examination with vaccinations, conducted by a specialist doctor considering:

  • Demands of the role
  • Location / country of deployment
  • Visa and vaccination requirements
  • Length of assignment
  • Wellbeing of the employee
  • Internal policies and requirements of the hiring organisation.

Working closely with our clients to identify their specific requirements, we also establish a process that best suits your operational needs.

Minimise risk, maximise productivity

When appropriate, we will provide employees with comprehensive medical advice following their examination to reduce any risks they may face. Moreover, we will also provide advice in the event that an employee fails a pre-deployment medical examination, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding future deployment.

If someone can’t be fully cleared they may still be able to work in some capacity, if accommodations can be made by their employer. Healix will support both parties to enable the individual to return to work.

Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Offshore Medicals

The OGUK Offshore Medical Examination is a recognised standard globally and many hiring organisations require workers operating offshore and in remote locations to undergo this examination once every two years.

Providing access to the complete global network of OGUK accredited specialists, Healix arranges OGUK specific medical examinations on behalf of our clients at locations convenient to their workforce, whether employees or contractors in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our fast turn-around times mean that expensive delays in deployment are avoided.

OGUK Accredited Medical Case Study

“A life-saving medical”

Healix arranged an OGUK accredited pre-deployment medical examination for a 59-year-old employee of an oil and gas client, due to be re-deployed to a remote offshore oil rig in Africa. Fortunately for him, his employer has a policy of arranging medicals for their travelling staff every two years. He therefore considered the latest medical to be a routine formality. He had no symptoms of any illness and expected to be cleared for his assignment as he had been in the past.

The medical testing was very comprehensive. This was necessary because of the remoteness of the posting location, the nature of the working environment and the fact that the role was physically strenuous. The medical also included a blood test.

Following the medical, Healix obtained all the results from the clinic and referred them to our Occupational Health doctor for review. He expressed concern at the significantly elevated PSA blood test result and recommended specialist follow-up with a urologist for further investigation and treatment. The diagnosis was confirmed as prostate cancer and the patient underwent surgery shortly afterwards. The cancer was caught in good time – it was still confined to the prostate and was successfully removed.


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