International Medical Screening

A comprehensive, cost effective online solution for assessing the health risks facing your global workforce and their dependants.

Many of the illnesses and health-related problems suffered by business travellers and expatriates whilst overseas are both predictable and preventable. Every year, large numbers of business travellers, expatriates, and their families are sent overseas with pre-existing medical conditions and little or no knowledge about how those conditions may best be managed in their destination countries. This can result in significant disruption and failed assignments. In many cases, it may also lead to serious illness, unplanned medical evacuations and significant costs.

Our extensive intelligence of international medicine, combined with Queen’s Award winning software, means we are able to provide a robust evaluation of potential medical risks involved in any overseas assignment and enable appropriate preparations to be made.

Why is medical screening needed?

Our industry-leading medical screening service works to reduce international medical risk by ensuring that:

Employees and their families are well prepared for overseas travel.

Healix ensures that: the ability of host-country healthcare facilities to deal with pre-existing conditions are well understood; prescription regimes are modified to ensure they are viable and legal in the host country; appointments can be arranged with leading physicians and specialists in the host country; workplaces can be modified to ensure that occupational health issues are managed appropriately; on-going medical advice, support and second opinion can be received from Healix’s medical team throughout the assignment.

Employees and their families are not put into a position where their health is placed at unreasonable risk.

Healix ensures that the healthcare facilities in the host country are capable of adequately supporting pre-existing illnesses and the potential complications that may arise from these illnesses.

The financial risks of certain assignments are well understood.

Healix helps organisations to better understand the potential medical costs associated with specific assignments in high cost or high risk locations, thereby helping those organisations make more informed investment decisions.

What are the benefits of medical screening?

Medical screening for employment has never been more important. Employers need to be sure that employees working abroad are fit to work, doing the jobs they do, in the locations they are based. Without a system to provide insight into the risks involved, employers are exposed to major incidents that can result in failed assignments, disruption to operations and medical evacuations. Originally purpose built to Government client specifications in order to medically screen 17,000+ staff members and families travelling and posted across the globe each year, our industry leading medical screening can be quickly, easily and cost effectively integrated into any organisation’s existing processes, providing significant and immediate business benefits:

  • Helps you predict, prevent and reduce the risk of problematic health issues occurring
  • Ensures you don’t put employees and their dependants at unreasonable health risk
  • Better prepares employees and their dependants for their deployment and can plan for specialist health needs in location
  • Provides you with a clear audit trail of proactively managed duty of care
  • Can help you deliver savings prior to, and during placement
    • Expensive and ineffective face-to-face medical examinations not required
    • Reduction in expensive medical treatment, emergencies and evacuations abroad
    • Reduction in failed assignments
    • Reduction in corporate liability and reputational risk
    • Potential reduction in insurance premiums.
Healix’s understanding of international healthcare means that our advice takes on a unique and critically important dimension with an individual’s medical needs assessed against the specific healthcare regimes of each destination country, thereby providing the necessary context to make the screening truly effective.


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