Healix Sentinel

The ‘Healix Sentinel’ suite of security and risk management services provides you with all the necessary tools to protect your most valued assets

With access to our full range of security and risk management services,  clients can tailor our offering to fit their own particular requirements. You can choose a selection of services designed to complement and support your existing security resources, or we can provide you with a fully managed 24/7 ‘virtual’ security department.

Whatever you choose, we will provide you with a customisable, bespoke service that allows you to extend your risk management capability and take advantage of more opportunities, safe in the knowledge that you have a proactive team of security professionals working on your behalf. Focused on supporting your existing processes and providing a scalable solution, the experts in our 24/7 Global Security Operations Centres (GSOC) will work closely with you, providing an exceptional level of service and becoming an extension of your team.


Healix Sentinel modules

Our solution is composed of modules that can be added singly or in combination to deliver the definitive system to protect your organisation’s assets, drive compliance and attain operational resilience. Expect timely, actionable intelligence using cutting-edge technology to provide location specific insights and monitoring of incidents.

Healix Sentinel Protect

Healix Sentinel Protect

24/7/365 access to a dedicated team of security professionals offering proactive, end-to-end risk management expertise and assistance, empowering you to operate in volatile global markets while keeping your employees safe and your assets secure.

Travel Tracker

Healix Sentinel Tracker

Seamlessly monitor and account for your globally mobile workforce with the Healix Sentinel Tracker. Fully integrated with the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle mobile app, it provides Risk Managers with an accurate real-time global view of employees alongside breaking developments.

Critical Watch Banner

Healix Sentinel Critical Watch

Around the clock  monitoring of global security events with 24/7/365 support to ascertain the safety of employees in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident.

Travel Oracle

Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle

An invaluable travel safety companion providing instant access to critical insight and support before and during overseas assignments via user friendly app, including an emergency ‘Mayday’ feature.

Global Intelligence Portal

Healix Sentinel Intelligence Portal

Providing Risk Managers with comprehensive intelligence and alerts to help manage the security risks facing their global assets.


To find out more about Healix Security Services, or if you would like further information on how we can help you with your Travel Risk Management programme, please email us at enquiries@healix.com.