Healix Sentinel Protect

Healix Sentinel Protect gives clients 24/7/365 access to a dedicated team of security professionals providing proactive, end-to-end risk management expertise and assistance.

Effective risk management is part of good business practice. We define a ‘risk’ as the presence of uncertainty, and that uncertainty can be an opportunity to an organisation as much as a danger. The role of Sentinel Protect is to ensure that our clients can capitalise on opportunities in challenging environments within their own risk parameters and we do this by tailoring our services to your specific needs.

We also understand the importance of balance – excessive security programmes can be burdensome, while inadequate cover leaves you vulnerable to operational disruption, reputational damage and potential litigation. Sentinel Protect is a proven intelligence-led model that strives to save you time and money, while helping tackle your risk management concerns, maintaining a competitive advantage and enhancing your reputation as a secure and compliant organisation.

Healix Sentinel Protect

  • Global monitoring & push alerts for travellers and risk managers
  • Customised telephone line and operational protocols
  • Security specialists on call
  • Bespoke intelligence and advice service to proactively manage risks
  • Briefing calls with country or regional experts, where required
  • Incident / crisis response
  • Evacuation assistance
  • Emergency contact ‘Mayday Monitoring’

Healix Sentinel Protect+

Healix Sentinel Protect+ includes all the services of Healix Sentinel Protect, plus a Healix security consultant embedded within your organisation, interfacing between your organisation and the wider Healix platform.

“Reducing the impact of incidents when they do take place and minimising the resulting disruption.”

Proactive risk management

Sentinel Protect clients benefit from around the clock complimentary security and risk management advice. In fact, approximately 80% of our services are centred around proactively mitigating risks before they become problematic. Risk managers lean on our expertise for tailored analysis, second opinions and bespoke risk assessments to help ‘lighten the load’ when it comes to guaranteeing a 24/7 proactive risk management programme.

When it comes to the advice we issue, we aim to ensure it is timely for the situation, realistic for the operating environment, business-enabling and bespoke to the employee and organisation. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Travel Security Briefing: A tailored travel security report customised to the specific locations, travel dates, industry and profile of the traveller.
  • Request for Analysis: Forward-looking analysis on specific issues, trends, groups and developments.
  • Situation Update: Using cutting edge OSINT (open-source intelligence) techniques to provide accurate and actionable intelligence on an ongoing situation with an assessment of the immediate impact.
  • Journey Management Plan: An assessment of a specific route incorporating the risk context, with recommended measures to mitigate the risks.
  • Hotel Assessment: Desktop risk assessment of a hotel option and / or recommendations from our own Database of Accredited Secure Hotels (DASH).
  • Risk Assessment: Identification of specific risks, assessment of those risks and the treatment plan to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

Incident & Crisis Response

When the unexpected happens, our team of security experts are immediately on hand to provide advice and support. Our GSOC security specialists are supported by a fully integrated worldwide network of consultants, fixers, security providers, medical and transportation resources. This allows us to provide an agile local response to a range of security incidents.

Our Incident Response model is established on the principle of developing agility at the local level alongside carefully considered coordination protocols.


When evacuations are required, assistance is provided from the traveller’s accommodation, workplace or point-of-incident to the preferred international safe haven. At the first signs of a deteriorating security environment, if appropriate, we encourage clients to consider a phased ‘drawdown’ of operations. This measure not only identifies non-essential personnel and dependants who can be evacuated using scheduled flights, but initiates the transfer of crucial business processes out of the affected area, effectively limiting overall business disruption.


To find out more about Healix Sentinel, or if you would like further information on how we can help you with your Travel Risk Management programme, please email us at enquiries@healix.com.

Case Studies

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Ensuring individual’s safety following earthquake in Japan when extraction was not viable

South Sudan Evacuation

Swift action to evacuate clients out of a city on lockdown in South Sudan

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Establishing physical response to assist travellers impacted by tsunami in Indonesia