Security Training

Employee Security Training to help you fulfil your Duty of Care

Whether it’s a pick-pocket on the streets of a major European city or the threat of a rebel group in a hostile environment, security incidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Our bespoke programme of modular security training sessions are designed to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of the risk environment they may face, the means of mitigating those risks and how to respond in the event of an incident.

What is an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ and why is it important?

Employers across the world have a responsibility to ensure their staff are prepared and educated about the risks they may face while travelling abroad, this is called ‘Duty of Care’. It is important because unfamiliar environments, differing employee profiles and the physical effects of travel can place your staff at a greater risk than they might face in their own country.

How can you, as an employer, help safeguard your staff?

Healix security training helps you fulfil your ‘Duty of Care’, ensuring your staff are equipped with the tools required to carry out their trip, assignment or relocation in safety and with confidence.

We offer three types of security training courses:

  • E-learning – Our award-winning e-learning course consists of a series of security training videos across seven modules, each designed to ensure that your employees are aware of safety measures they should take while abroad. Each module concludes with a multiple choice test. A certificate is issued once all seven modules have been satisfactorily completed.
  • Classroom Learning – Classroom-based work is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, with numerous videos, exercises and scenarios. Courses can be facilitated at any suitable location worldwide, including our headquarters in the UK. Classroom training courses includes:
    • Personal Security Fundamentals
    • Destination Aware
    • When Things Go Wrong
  • Situational Training – Situational training aims to place course attendees under the realistic stress they could face during different life-like scenarios and is conducted at suitable locations with experienced instructors. Courses include:
    • Terrorism Awareness
    • Kidnap Awareness
    • Hostile Environment Awareness

Are you looking for bespoke security training to deal with a specific risk environment?

Whether in the classroom or practising real-life scenarios, our security training sessions are tailored to your needs – taking into consideration your organisation’s industry, location and risk appetite. Sessions can be tailored to focus on up-to-date specific risks localised to a suburb, commercial site or residential address.

Our security training courses are taught by expert professionals

Our instructors are highly qualified security professionals selected for their expertise in your country or region of interest. Our kidnapping, terrorism and/or hostile environment training instructors have specific skills and experience relating to these issues. All our trainers are Healix ‘Deployable Consultants’, so their experience and advice is regularly put into practice whilst travelling on assistance and consultancy tasks.

Get the most from GSOC

For clients subscribing to the Healix Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) training can also be used as an opportunity for your staff to learn about the full extent of the GSOC services and how to make the most of your subscription.


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