Global Provider Network

Healix is supported by a vast network of over 65,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers in every country of the world. We also maintain a network of over 100 air ambulance providers for extreme circumstances.

The Healix International Network Team is completely dedicated to maintaining and expanding our provider network while simultaneously sustaining relations and regularly monitoring the quality of third party providers. They are supported in their activities by:

  • 116 contracted local agents acting under instruction to monitor and assess the medical suitability, capability and resources of providers throughout the world. Intelligence gathered is fed back to our International Network Team who maintain the network database used by Healix case managers.
  • Visit assessments conducted by our medical escorts after each visit to a provider medical facility. Assessments are also made after the conclusion of each inpatient case managed by Healix.

Healix’s extensive network of primary and secondary facilities ensures that the most efficient treatment and payment terms are administered. We have significant scope globally to provide various payment terms with our suppliers, including direct billing.

In Addition…

Healix contributes to, and has unlimited access to, an international database of 2,600 medical providers located across the world. This database recognises the need for accurate information to be immediately available on the quality of healthcare facilities in the developing world. It additionally holds information on the accreditation status of individual providers and inspection reports written by medical training staff.

Apply to join our Global Provider Network

If you would like to become an accredited Healix Global Network provider, please download an application form and complete and return it as instructed on the form: