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Providing an actionable solution to evacuations during Israel conflict


In the wake of the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel from the Gaza Strip on 7th October 2023, thousands of Israeli civilians were killed or kidnapped. Healix swiftly activated its Incident Management Team (IMT) to assist clients seeking our help, whether that be for advice or evacuation to ensure their people’s safety.


Support when it mattered most

  • 32
    client organisations assisted
  • 155
    people supported from ground moves
  • 107
    people evacuated by air

The challenge

Develop an actionable solution for evacuating civilians from the Israel conflict.

Healix’s IMT has been battle-tested through numerous activations over three decades of operations, and we work hard to ensure that we are prepared and ready for whatever happens next.

Knowing that ground assets could be either trapped in their homes or mobilised for combat, we reached out to our network to see what resources we could retain and put contingencies in place before the first request for assistance came in. While the situation on the ground evolved, Healix continued to monitor and analyse the latest intelligence. We considered multiple evacuation options and were regularly assessing and managing expectations, working these into our Concept of Operations (ConOps).

Our approach

24/7 monitoring, with the capability to mobilise with short notice.

We took a multifaceted approach to evacuation, designed to adapt to the evolving situation and ensure the safety of those seeking assistance. Our operational teams were organised into several functions. The "Green Team" was focused on ground operations, retained for running ground moves to the airport, equipped with a range of vehicles and the capability to mobilise within a 90-minute notice. The "Silver Team" was on-call 24/7 and focused on securing entire aircrafts with a 7-hour notice to move, securing an initial evacuation of nearly 70 individuals. Our "Travel Agent Team" worked to secure multiple commercial travel options and onward arrangements for individuals post-air charter. And the "Blue Team" remained on standby and was prepared for maritime evacuation options.

The outcome

107 people evacuated safely.

Throughout this operation, our Incident Management Team remained active 24/7, with coordination across Healix GSOCs and 696 man-hours devoted to managing the crisis over a span of nine days.

We maintained a robust system of updates and monitoring. Our monitoring encompassed hundreds of Priority Information Requirements (PIRs), such as flight statuses, border crossings, activities in conflict areas, as well as international reaction and diplomatic developments. We developed complex live mapping to track the status and location of checkpoints, border crossings, transport infrastructure, embassies, location of notable attacks, clashes with militants, protest activities, as well as IDF airstrikes in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria. Additionally, we engaged in daily tactical operational and security forecasting, including the creation of contingency scenarios with triggers and escalation warnings for Israel, Lebanon, West Bank, Jordan, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. Our intelligence efforts extended globally, encompassing the tracking of protest activity related to the conflict, and providing intelligence assessments on political, security, and operational implications of the conflict for 20 Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Lightning-fast response

As always, lightning-fast responses from your teams and pulling out all the stops.

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