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Driving employee benefits engagement with Markerstudy


Driving employee engagement with corporate healthcare trust benefits.

The brief

Benefit engagement with cost containment.

Having been with us for almost seven years, Markerstudy is a long-standing client of Healix. We've been working closely with Markerstudy to tailor a scheme to its people, focusing on driving engagement with the benefits on offer which add so much value to their corporate healthcare trust. Our brief was to increase employee engagement with the company's Healthcare Trust by adapting the offerings using insights form the management information data (MI), while ensuring cost containment remains high on the agenda.

Our approach

Customisation at the core of continued employee engagement.

To fit the brief on a consistent basis, we onboarded Markerstudy to our Corporate Healthcare Trust. While giving employees access to a whole host of benefits, some of which would sit outside traditional private medical policies, the trust is also much more tax efficient. Rather than being lost in huge premiums, money paid into the trust is used to help meet claims as they arise, and at the end of each year any remaining fund balance is saved to help meet claims spend in the future. This is the first step to cost containment for Markerstudy, without compromising on service.

From the service point of view, Healix continually analyses the data fed back to us from regular member surveys and our engaged claims team to gain insight into which services are of most importance to the business and its staff, providing a deeper level of customisation for Markerstudy. While cost is always front of mind, a deeper look at this data enables us to share recommendations on existing healthcare benefits consistently ensuring members get the most out of their cover.


Employees benefit from flexibility and additional healthcare services.

This approach has been beneficial results, receiving positive feedback from all employees who have used the scheme. The members benefit from the services on offer, while still allowing Markerstudy to make discretionary decisions on cover with easily accessible support from an experienced account management team.

Flexible benefits give our employees what they need

The structure of a healthcare trust offers us flexibility and discretion on cover decisions for our team. All employee has been incredibly positive, reporting responsive treatment from Healix in both contact and cover providing valuable reassurance.
Tanya Gerrard-White Director of HR and Talent Development

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