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Medical complications in a US hospital


After a client’s employee underwent emergency gallbladder surgery in the US, his doctors expected him to recover and be discharged within days. However, when the patient developed an infection, the case quickly became more complicated.

The challenge

A client’s employee had fallen ill during a US business trip with a rare and potentially life-threatening gallbladder condition.

Healix received notification that a client’s employee had fallen ill during a business trip to the US. The individual had been admitted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a rare and potentially life threatening gallbladder condition. An emergency surgery was performed to remove the gallbladder and the patient was subsequently admitted to the intensive care unit for recovery.

The Healix team maintained constant contact with the patient’s treating doctors; the initial prognosis was that the patient would likely recover quickly without ongoing medical problems. A few days after the surgery, the patient developed an infection and began to deteriorate rapidly. He was taken back into surgery, where doctors discovered a large collection of pus in the abdomen as well as a leaking bile duct.

The pus was cleared, but it was not safe to repair the leaking bile duct. Subsequently, a drain was placed to allow the leaking bile to flow out of the abdomen. Immediately following the surgery, the patient was re-admitted to the intensive care unit until his infection was under control. The medical plan wasto continue antibiotics and intravenous nutrition for two weeks before additional surgery could be performed to repair the damaged bile duct.

Our approach

Healix prepared for a seamless air ambulance transfer and bedside-to-bedside care.

A detailed discussion of the patient’s condition took place between the patient’s treating doctor and one of our doctors at Healix. All parties agreed that it would be possible to continue all the patient’s therapies on board an air ambulance.

Healix prepared a plan for a seamless air ambulance transfer. We provided bedside-to bedside care with the help of our accredited global network providers. The evacuation was executed without complication.


Expert intervention saved the client £100,000.

Upon arrival in the UK, the patient was transferred to his local hospital where he subsequently underwent the surgery needed to repair his damaged bile duct. He has since made a full recovery.

By arranging timely transfer to the United Kingdom, our expert intervention in this case saved the client an estimated £100,000 /$125,000.

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