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Healix bolsters its offering with neurodiversity benefits


Healix Health, the UK’s leading independent healthcare trust provider, has today announced the addition of a bespoke benefit to its corporate healthcare trust plan to support employees needing professional assessment and treatment for their neurodevelopmental disorders.

With 1 in 7 people in the UK estimated to be neurodivergent, creating a supportive and inclusive workplace is more important than ever.1 Healix’s offering provides employers with the ability to support their staff for recognised conditions such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which are typically excluded from traditional Private Medical Insurance (PMIs). While current NHS waiting times mean patients have to wait for months for a ‘suspected autism’ referral, Healix’s service helps employees seek diagnoses and treatment through facilitated access to the specialists, including providing the freedom to select and use the best practitioners for their individual circumstance.2

The benefit is designed to suit both employers and employees, with a strong focus on clinical outcomes. It offers flexibility for employers to choose from two levels of care, either for assessment alone, or for both assessment and treatment, to assist employees with neurodiverse conditions and their families.

The addition of the service is part of Healix’s commitment to healthcare benefits that encourage inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. By valuing the unique skills of neurodivergent employees and assisting them through their individual challenges, Healix is helping employers pave the way for supportive workplaces.

Ian Talbot, CEO at Healix Health, comments:

“15% of people in the UK are estimated to be neurodivergent and thus potentially facing difficulties in the workplace as they attempt to fit into a world that is not catered for them. With the strong focus on employee wellbeing and health in the last few years, it’s important for us to develop innovative ways for employers to support their neurodivergent employees, and promote neurodiversity.

Delivering flexible and tailored healthcare benefits that promote a supportive workplace for our clients is at the heart of our commitment. By helping employees access initial referrals and treatment for neurodevelopmental disorders, employers can better support their employees while benefitting from the diverse and unique skillset that they have to offer.

Neurodiversity has long been overlooked by the healthcare and benefits sector and providing this level of bespoke support for workers marks a vital step towards assisting employees and their families to flourish both at home and at work. We’re extremely proud to bring this offering to our clients and look forward to continuing our work towards more supportive healthcare benefits.”

About Healix Health 

Healix Health, part of the Healix Group of Companies, is an award-winning corporate healthcare trust provider and third-party healthcare administrator with over 25 years’ experience in helping businesses to develop flexible, bespoke healthcare benefit plans. The business has the highest percentage of medically qualified staff in the industry to ensure unrivalled expertise for clients, with access to over 60,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers worldwide. With its nurse-led claims and healthcare trust framework, organisations have more control over the healthcare benefits for their employees, safe in the knowledge that their healthcare plan is backed by Healix Health Services’ clinical expertise. Healix Health is ISO27001 accredited.

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