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On-demand webinar: Elections 2024

2024 elections – growing political polarisation, the rise of the far-right, and a lack of trust in democratic systems... how can organisations prepare for what's to come?

Our recent webinar led by Eilidh Thomson, Regional Security Manager, with guests Ambassador Ivo Daalder, Strategic Advisor – Political Risk, Dr Catherine Fieschi, Strategic Advisor – Socio-economic Affairs, and Andrew Devereux, Risk Intelligence Manager, explored the critical issues influencing democracies in 2024, and the impact of pivotal polls on business operations.

The discussion covered: 

  • Insights into recent global elections in India, Mexico and South Africa, setting the stage for key contests in the US, UK, and European countries.
  • A closer look at the themes of political polarisation, disinformation, and the rise of the far-right, and how they’re influencing voter choice.
  • Strategies for business resilience in a changing political landscape, how to navigate the polls and mitigate risk.

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