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Personalised Risk Assessments Whitepaper

Have you factored personalised data into your travel risk assessments?

According to a 2022 survey, three-quarters of business travellers say their employers treat their health, safety and security as a top priority, but only 36% feel their individual needs are adequately met.

In the face of an increasingly complex and evolving risk landscape, it’s clear that travel risk management needs to adopt a personalised approach. And the introduction of the ISO 31030 benchmark underscores that shift.

How can you implement personalised risk assessments in practice, and what are the benefits?

In our whitepaper, we share expert insight on: 

  • Building a personalised approach to risk management
  • The role of technology in travel risk assessments
  • How sensitive data can be gathered, stored and utilised
  • Strategies for achieving employee buy-in

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