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Special advisory: Innovation in search and rescue

Search and rescue can be necessary in delivering medical assistance and repatriation of business travellers taken ill or injured overseas.

Innovation and technology play a key role in positive search and rescue efforts; whether the patient is at sea, up a mountain or deep underground. The faster the aid can reach the patient, the higher the chances are of survival.

Our special advisory offers fascinating insights into the innovative developments of the latest tools and technology used in search and rescue missions, to pull your people out and bring them home.

Inside our report you will find:

  • A comprehensive guide to the steps involved in search and rescue.
  • Innovations in alerting, locating and extracting patients.
  • Assessment of implementing innovative technology; use, effectivity and limitations.
  • Considerations for the future of search and rescue and the challenges involved.

Learn more about innovative advances used to save lives in even the most uncertain terrain.

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