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Special advisory: North Korea's brinkmanship

North Korea's military development and provocative actions, including missile testing and aggressive rhetoric, have heightened tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea's actions are likely part of a brinkmanship strategy aimed at gaining political concessions and sanctions relief from the US while ensuring the regime's survival under Kim Jong Un's leadership.

While the likelihood of a rapid deterioration in the security environment remains low in the short to medium term, the possibility of a limited conflict in 2024 cannot be ruled out.

We explore the delicate balance of power and the complex dynamics at play in the Korean Peninsula, where geopolitical tensions, military advancements, and diplomatic manoeuvres intersect.

Our latest special advisory offers:

  • Analysis of developments in North Korea's militarisation and policy
  • Assessment of the security environment in the Korean Peninsula
  • Focus on the role of the US, China and South Korea
  • Strategic advice for corporate travellers and companies operating in the region

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