Travel Insurance Capacity Management

Travel insurance is a complex product, in a complex market.  We are renowned for making it simple.

For over a decade we have helped some of the largest travel insurance businesses around develop products that outperform their competition.  Our team is world renowned, professional and client friendly with a commitment to match technical expertise with a can-do attitude.  We enjoy positively disrupting the status quo and challenge ourselves every day to be different.

Clients trust us to deliver added value and insurers trust us with their money.  We manage capacity on behalf of a unique panel of international accident and health insurers where our in-depth understanding is the enabler in their ability to deliver competitive products year after year.  Our launch insurers still work with us today.

Our ability to risk model is second to none

With over £500m of premium and claims risk data at our disposal, our ability to risk model travel insurance products is second to none.  Whether it’s a new product or a facility renewal, the deep-dive data techniques we adopt identify and magnify profit opportunities for clients and insurers alike.

Our independence allows us to provide competitive services impartially, without conflicting with our partners.  In addition to our capacity management, we also offer a full spectrum of supply chain optimisation services covering medical underwriting, claims management and medical assistance.  Our involvement reduces friction and adds value at every stage of the product life cycle.


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