Access to Healix UK Provider Network

Clients have access to our provider network, benefiting from our direct billing arrangements with private hospital groups, independent hospitals, NHS private patient units and scanning centres.

All hospitals in our network are checked by the Healthcare Commission who is responsible for regulating and inspecting the public and independent healthcare sector and ensuring that the provider reaches the standards set down by the Department of Health.

Where we provide full case management we can deliver further savings through robust clinical case management and negotiation of specialist fees.  When clinically appropriate, we can also navigate to specialist NHS Private Patient Units recognised for positive outcomes, if required.

The Healix team responsible for provider network management and discount negotiation include qualified nurses registered with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council).  They maintain regular contact with the administrative departments of the private sector hospitals and Healix has earned an enviable reputation for efficiency and service, which is helpful in maintaining the level of discounts available to our clients.

We have direct relationships with all providers in our UK network and where required we can provide bespoke access to make optimal use of our clients’ healthcare spend.


Uk Provider Network



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