Healthcare for SME employees

A healthcare app designed to support SMEs through offering employees immediate access to virtual GP and mental health assessments, supporting workplace health and wellbeing.

From £48 per employee

Health & wellbeing of employees

Starting at just £48 per employee plus VAT per year, you choose the best-fit package for your budget and employee healthcare benefit needs, ensuring your employees get the healthcare they need as they need it.

Tailored healthcare plans for small businesses provide quick access to private healthcare pathways like virtual GP and mental health assessments, musculoskeletal triage and cancer care.

Healthier people are happier. Happier people are more productive.

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Healix ConneX Lite

The support your employees need to remain healthy and happy, helping them build resilience with support from the following services:

From as little as £48 per employee per annum + VAT, that’s £4 per month!

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