For you. With you.

We safeguard people’s health and wellbeing in every corner of the world

Protecting you globally

Healix helps you safeguard the security of your people, assets and operations, wherever they are in the world.

Feel safe, feel good

Providing flexible healthcare solutions to protect the health and wellbeing of your people.

About Us

We never lose sight of why we’re here

Our purpose is to help people in everyday and extreme situations – whether it’s designing a healthcare care scheme that makes a difference, or providing security and medical services to those far from home. Our teams of healthcare and risk experts make sure that your people are looked after, whatever happens.

30 Years in business
258 People helped
232 Countries & territories

Our Clients

Long-term partnerships, long-term trust

Healix works internationally with a wide range of clients providing a flexible risk management and healthcare offering, taking a people-first approach.


New ISO 31030 whitepaper

The expectations of travel risk management are changing. The new ISO 31030 has been developed to assist those that manage or participate in business travel, irrespective of your organisation’s sector, size, or nature of activities.

Find out how ISO 31030 is impacting your business and what should you consider in your travel risk management process.

Download our whitepaper

Provider Network

In-house expertise combined with a global network

Our doctors and nurses are available 24/7, from anywhere in the world. And our global network of highly professional security and healthcare organisations is always ready to support your people, however remote their location.

Key Insights

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