Healix is unique in its ability to offer a truly integrated international assistance operation with medical, security and travel assistance specialists sitting alongside each other with the skills and experience to act quickly in any emergency, coordinating all required services.

Clients with access to our 24/7 Operations Centres can rest assured that their mobile employees or policyholders have a direct line to doctors, nurses and security professionals in a crisis, as well as a trusted source of global support and advice.

Uninsured individuals taken ill while abroad and needing emergency assistance to get them home can also rely on the expertise of our medical assistance team of doctors and nurses.  Our experts will arrange an air ambulance, or a medical escort on a scheduled flight if more appropriate, liaising with local medical teams and acting in the best interests of the patient at all times.


If an employee or policy holder is taken ill or injured while abroad, we have the extensive global experience to ensure they receive the best possible care and will manage and co-ordinate treatment, evacuation and repatriation if required.


If you are in need of emergency medical assistance while abroad and need an air ambulance to get you home, our team of international repatriation experts can help. Simply ring our 24/7 emergency hotline to get a quotation or advice.


Our Global Security Operations Centres provide around-the-clock support support to clients offering global active monitoring of volatile areas, professional advice, contingency planning and expert emergency action.


If a traveller has a travel assistance need,  Healix’s dedicated team of experienced travel assistance coordinators can provide a full range of services including support with loss of luggage or documents,  travel and visa advice and more.