Healix Medical Services help you to identify and mitigate health risks faced by your business travellers and global workforce

Healix has a long history of providing medical services to a wide range of clients and has built a reputation for clinical excellence, quality of service and product innovation.

Our services range from international emergency medical case management and assistance services for employers, insurers and individuals; to managing corporate health and wellbeing schemes for UK employers and providing bespoke medical claims management services to insurers.

Employers look to us to support them in fulfilling their duty of care toward their global workforces through our exceptional services designed to identify and mitigate health risks faced by their business travellers and expatriate workers, including their accompanying families.

We offer industry specific services such as pre-deployment medicals for the oil and gas industry, as well as for other industries operating in challenging or extreme conditions; and ‘crew health’ and passenger ‘fitness to fly’ services for airlines.

Medical assistance

Healix have a demonstrated history of successfully managing and co-ordinating the medical treatment, evacuation and repatriation of people taken ill or injured while overseas.

With 24/7 access to multi-lingual global assistance coordinators, we ensure the best possible care and treatment for your staff. And by utilising our vast and robust provider network, we can assist your workforce in even the most remote locations.

See Medical Assistance page.

Medical assistance and air ambulance repatriation
Medical support and assessment services

Medical support and assessment services

We know that every organisation has their own unique requirements. Healix offer complementary services to suit your needs, from evaluation of medical risks to industry or project specific support services. Solutions include:

COVID specific solutions

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Healix has developed specific services to support your organisation through the crisis.

These solutions are designed to help you make decisions around return to business travel, return to work, or crisis planning.

Services include:

COVID support services for organisations and their employees

Exceptional clinical care

Our commitment to maintaining a high ratio of medically-qualified staff within the company places us in a unique position to deliver the highest quality services for clients who require health-related risk management solutions and we offer an impressive array of medical expertise across a wide spectrum of medical specialities.

Helping you in every country of the world

Our reach is truly global. We are supported by a vast network of over 65,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers in every country of the world. In addition, we have also developed an impressive, robust network of air ambulance and ground transport providers. This ensures that the most efficient treatment and payment terms are administered.


To find out more about Healix Medical Services, or if you would like further information on how we can help you with your Travel Risk Management programme, please email us at enquiries@healix.com.