Medical Emergency Response Plans

Bespoke Medical Emergency Response Plans deliver valuable information on the quality of medical care and assistance available in your country of operations

With increasing numbers of employees required to travel abroad, often to unfamiliar environments that can be remote or dangerous, or in areas where the local healthcare provision is substandard, ineffective or non-existent, it is imperative that your organisation has well-established, dynamic and robust risk management plans and policies in place.

At Healix, our clients can mitigate such risks by commissioning tailored Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERPS). These reports are diligently prepared by our in-house team of experts who specialise in international medicine, emergency response and medical assistance provision.

Our comprehensive assessments provide clients with a bespoke and highly detailed overview of the availability, quality and capability of the best medical providers for a given location. The reports also give valuable insight into the logistics, feasibility and challenges of medical provision, including repatriation and evacuation logistics, as well as the measures needed to address any shortfall where relevant or possible.

Our Medical Emergency Response Plans give peace of mind and helps set realistic expectations regarding local healthcare, assistance provision and the handling of medical and dental emergencies.

Core areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • An overview of the medical infrastructure of the country, giving general observations and recommendations to mitigate risk and assist in achieving incident free deployments.
  • The top healthcare providers for a given location, listing the services offered, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, plus local contact names
    and numbers.
  • An expert opinion and narrative regarding the local emergency services where they exist, their reliability, speed of response, area of operations, limitations, languages spoken and more.
  • A detailed analysis of the feasibility, logistics and timeframes involved regarding domestic and international evacuations, whether it be by land, air or water.
  • Expert advice regarding potential evacuation destinations/receiving hospitals in the country, regionally or further afield.
  • A tailored and best practice medical notification procedure when interfacing with Healix international for support, to ensure incidents are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Other relevant and useful risk management data and advice that helps save time, mitigate risk and potentially save lives.


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