Ensuring the security of your global workforce

The reality of today’s world is that security risks are increasing everywhere. As a result, employers face an enormous challenge in ensuring the safety and security of their global workforces and other global assets.

Accurate, timely and relevant intelligence is of vital importance, as is contingency planning for possible outcomes with escalation and crisis management plans in place that can be rapidly deployed should the need arise.

At Healix we take a proactive approach to mitigating international risk and ensuring the security of your global workforce.

Healix Security Services provides global organisations with the essential tools to stay informed of the risks their employees may face, wherever they may be across the globe. Our team also provides the necessary resources to mitigate those risks by planning, preparing and taking appropriate action as and when required.

Healix provides solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Whether that means providing essential resources to support and complement your existing internal risk management operation, or providing a complete virtual Security Operations Centre for your global operations, Healix offers a comprehensive set of services from which to select and create a program that meets your needs.

We empower you to operate in volatile global markets while keeping your employees safe and assets secure.

Our approach goes beyond just making you aware of the risks. We also advise on how those risks can be mitigated and identify the specific locations of your employees and assets, rather than simply issuing blanket country or regional warnings. This effectively arms you with the facts, advice and support you need to continue your business when locally safe to do so and to take appropriate action to protect your employees and assets when necessary.


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