Security Consultancy & Bespoke Services

Bespoke risk mitigation and security consultancy from professionals

Security consultancy will increase your organisation’s awareness of global risks and the ability to understand them in context, and take appropriate mitigating action, giving you a competitive edge in today’s global market.

At Healix, we work with our clients to help evaluate the security risks their global operations face. We provide valuable intelligence and advice on how to minimise those risks and guide them through the process of building a safer and more secure environment for their employees, project personnel and site facilities.

By providing access to highly specialised consultants with local knowledge and experience of challenging environments, we help our clients develop risk mitigation plans appropriate to the level of risk acceptable to them.

Our Security Consultancy Services include:

A comprehensive survey of your premises will identify the threat context, determine where potential security breaches exist and provide recommendations to make your business locations more secure.

Senior risk consultants can be embedded within your organisation to act as security management, even in extreme environments. Security consultancy provides an invaluable interface between your organisation and the wider Healix platform.

As threats to global security continue to increase, it is important for organisations to understand their relevance and how to mitigate their impact while maximising business opportunity

Proactive crisis management includes forecasting potential crises and developing plans around how to deal with them. This process includes the identification of the true nature of a current crisis and subsequent intervention in order to minimise damage and facilitate recovery.

The nature of terrorism is changing. Traditionally secure environments, including major Western cities, are now under threat from terrorist actors from across the ideological spectrum. Attacks tend to both be unsophisticated and indiscriminate, and can disrupt operations in even the lowest-risk environments. We can provide operational and security assistance, allowing you to mitigate any potential threat to your business.

We develop mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on changes in the status of identified risks and on the actions selected to address them.

Close Protection solutions ensure the safety of your organisation, staff and executives, and their family and loved ones. We will work with you to fully assess the threat and recommend the most appropriate level of security to mitigate the risks in an individualised security plan, which is developed by experienced and vigilant professionals.

Our bespoke Evacuation Plans allow organisations to continue operating in challenging environments with the reassurance that they have a comprehensive plan in place to extract staff if the situation requires. 

A comprehensive travel risk policy ensures that employers are fulfilling their ‘Duty of Care’ while mitigating the financial fallout that could result from a serious incident. We conduct organisational and risk reviews before making recommendations, taking into consideration the organisation’s needs and risk appetite

Our expert team of ex-police detectives and military intelligence personnel have a wealth of knowledge in complex and serious investigations. We also draw upon a vast experience of surveillance / counter surveillance and proactive investigations.

Whether it’s a pick-pocket on the streets of a major European city or the threat of a rebel group in a hostile environment, security incidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Our bespoke programme of modular training sessions are designed to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of the risk environment they may face, the means of mitigating those risks and how to respond in the event of an incident.


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