Healix hosts a mental health breakfast roundtable in London


Last month, Healix hosted a moderated breakfast roundtable at The Ivy City Garden in London.

A group of senior HR and Security Risk Managers met for a discussion focused on the topic ‘Navigating mental health for employees: before, during and after crisis point.

The roundtable was led by three speakers, Dr James Dove, an Emergency Psychiatrist who works for the NHS, who set up one of London’s busiest acute mental health crisis assessment services, and Healix representatives Dr Luke Kane, Medical Officer and Keira Wallis, Head of Clinical Development.

Companies in attendance included AVEVA Group, De Beers Group, EBRD, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Nuffield Health, PwC, Rathbones, Standard Chartered, Stannah Home Accessibility, Warner Music and Worldpay.

Together the group discussed:

  • the significant challenges that are involved when responding to a colleague or employee experiencing an acute mental health crisis
  • the steps organisations should take to mitigate the risk of a crisis
  • the importance of identifying red flags that an individual might display prior to reaching a crisis point

Speakers and attendees also shared some of the experiences they had encountered in their line of work, where processes and procedures either worked well in resolving a crisis situation, or in fact contributed to wider challenges resulting in a delay in getting an individual the help they needed.

The group also discussed the importance of mental health training and why organisations should lead from the top. This ensures that the senior management present an open and non-judgemental stance to mental health and that this is reflected in organisational culture, backed by comprehensive mental health policies.

Get additional support for your organisation

At Healix, we provide flexible healthcare solutions to manage the health and wellbeing of your people. Our mental health support services are firmly rooted in the understanding that mental wellbeing significantly impacts employees' overall health, productivity, and resilience.

Please get in touch with us at enquiries@healix.com to find out more.

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