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Healix to deliver mental health support for business travellers


On 10th October, 2023, World Mental Health Day, Healix announced the delivery of mental health services to support clients’ employees whenever they travel for business.

As part of Healix’s emergency services offering, clients will now be offered around the clock telephone access to confidential mental health support for their people. This service will help organisations proactively support the wellbeing of their teams and provide mental health support in times of crisis, whether their people are on a business trip or a long-term overseas assignment.

According to figures shared by Business Traveller, a survey of 500 frequent business travellers highlighted that one in five say work-related travel has a negative impact on their mental wellbeing. A survey by BCD Travel Research & Innovation also illustrated that only half of respondents were aware of traveller wellbeing support in place.

Healix’s new service will provide support for common work, health and life difficulties through counselling, risk assessment and self-directed online programs. The care will be delivered via experienced counsellors from TELUS Health - a global healthcare leader serving people in more than 160 countries, delivering both digital innovation and clinical services to improve total physical, mental and financial health and wellness.

Whether helping reduce stress or providing advice on how to better manage relationships, to dealing with addiction or receiving support with a crisis situation, businesses can now subscribe to this feature for their employees through Healix.

Charlie Butcher, CEO at Healix International comments:

Our mantra is to help our clients safeguard the wellbeing and security of their people and operations, wherever they are in the world; from helping them understand and prepare for risks, to supporting them when the worst happens.

Extending our services gives our clients the option to fulfil their duty of care to team members working away from home by supporting their mental wellbeing and providing appropriate care in times of crisis.

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