We are very proud to be trusted by some of the world’s most respected organisations to look after the welfare of their people. Here are some examples of the sectors we help, and how we help them.


Government Sectors

We're trusted by the British Government to look after the medical care of its travelling and expatriate workforce.

Humanitarian and International Development Sectors

Humanitarian & Development Sectors

We are supporting the activities of many of the largest and most respected humanitarian & international development organisations.


Financial & Professional Services Sectors

Increasingly mobile Professional Services workers face a multitude of risks as they travel to fulfil assignments.

Energy & Mining Sectors

Healix International provides specialist medical and occupational health services to 4 of the 5 largest oil & gas companies in the world.


Technology Sectors

Healix International supports clients in the technology sector who work in, and travel to, complex and demanding environments.

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment Sectors

Healix International provides medical and travel risk support to large numbers of journalists, ‘talent’ and support crews working globally.


Aviation Sectors

Healix International is trusted to manage the medical welfare of the aircrews of national and regional carriers globally.


Engineering Sectors

Many of the world's leading engineering groups rely on us for the welfare of their expatriate and local workforces.


Manufacturing Sectors

Staying at the forefront of technology and design requires our clients to send their engineers to work on complex projects around the world.


Pharmaceuticals Sectors

Healix International's clients in the pharmaceutical industry send staff to places far afield to negotiate with governments, distributors and agents.

Medical & Business Travel Insurance Sectors

We're looking the after the corporate clients for many of the world's leading international healthcare insurers.


Education Sectors

Healix International provides medical and travel risk support services to researchers, professors and students as they travel globally.


Retail & FMCG Sectors

Healix International tends to the diverse needs of many major retailer and renowned household brands as they search the globe for innovation and competitive edge.


Hospitality, Tourism & Sport Sectors

Healix International is perfectly placed to provide support at hospitality and sporting events around the world, no matter how large or small.