25MAY 2017

UK government raises terror threat level to ‘critical’ following terrorist attack in Manchester

As the UK government raised the terror threat level to ‘critical’ following the attack on Manchester earlier this week, Healix issued a report to its clients providing details of the attack itself, the security response, the impact on travel and advice for travellers and Security Managers.

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16MAY 2017

Healix supports XL Catlin with range of ‘duty of care’ services for its new Protect & Assist product.

XL Catlin’s newly launched Protect & Assist integrated people risk management solution is designed to help clients fulfil their duty of care towards employees going overseas by combining comprehensive personal accident and business travel insurance with a wide range of support and response services, including many provided by Healix International.

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08MAY 2017

How well are you preparing your staff for overseas assignments?

The past couple of years have been a stark reminder that as companies and business operations continue to expand overseas, the risks to their travelling employees are greater than ever before. The “Breaking News” of another terrorist attack is often impossible to predict in a corporate setting. However, there are arguably more important aspects to employee safety that are often overlooked, namely the risks that originate from the environment in which the employee is travelling to or carrying out their work.

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15MAR 2017

Concur announces new Active Monitoring service, powered by Healix and HX Global

Concur unveils first integrated Traveler Risk Management Solution, and Active Monitoring Service powered by Healix and HX Global, to help companies manage employee safety 24/7, anywhere in the world. Growing global uncertainties, combined with concern from the C-suite to Travel Managers, drive increased demand to reach employees anywhere, anytime.

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07FEB 2017

Healix receives 'Best in Business' Award for company of the year in Surrey

Healix has been named mid-sized company of the year for Surrey following in-depth analysis by accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP.

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